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Allie | 6 Month Session at Happy Hollow Park in West Lafayette

Updated: Oct 29, 2021


Happy Hollow Park, West Lafayette Indiana


A lot of times as a photographer, your job is a one-and-done experience. For example: With senior sessions, the graduate moves away or isn't in need of your services anymore for years upon years until another major event happens in their life. That's why sessions like this one are so near and dear to my heart. I have taken Deanna & Clay's maternity session, Allie's newborn photos, and now her 6 month photos at Happy Hollow Park in West Lafayette, Indiana! This doesn't happen very often, but when you get to photograph the life stages of such a sweet family it means that much more to the photographer.

With that said, I'm excited for you to see Allie's 6 month photo session! This girl was as happy as a clam and cheesing up a storm for us the entire time! My favorite moment in this session was when she showed off multiple times by rolling from her back to her stomach on this amazing pastel-colored quilt! As you'll see from her photos, she has quite the smile and personality!

When I asked Deanna & Clay who people say she looks more like, they both agreed she is half of each of them, and they can't really see one person more than the other. We'll let you decide from here...who does she look more like? Mom or Dad?

Deanna & Clay,

What a joy it always is to capture these precious life stages and moments for you all! Allie is so precious and our time hanging out is always fun. I hope you enjoy these photos as much as I had fun editing them! You have the sweetest family!

Until next time,



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