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Grace | Purdue Senior 2022


After a whole week of rain and cold and rescheduling, Grace's senior session FINALLY happened on the most beautiful spring morning this past weekend! We had amazing blooming trees, warm sunshine, and a slight breeze the entire session! It was absolutely perfect. I'm so happy that rescheduling was our only option!

Quick note for rescheduling your session: Don't stress about it! The weather sometimes doesn't cooperate, especially if you book your session way in advance. Your photographer is most likely very used to rescheduling sessions and already has extra session time blocked out in the week as a contingency plan. Trust me, usually it works out for the best and you'll end up loving your photos even more when you feel comfortable in your surroundings.

Grace is graduating from Purdue this year with a degree in marketing. Her future plans include continuing work for Hershey (how cool is that?) as a sales rep and then work her way up the ladder. She's very down to earth, so kind, and excited for what the future holds. I'm so excited for her as well!


Meeting you and having the privilege of capturing this time in your life was just the best. Thanks for reaching out and being the perfect last session before baby gets here! I'm excited for you as you graduate and move up the corporate ladder in the next few years, and wish you nothing but the best as you do so. Enjoy your photos, friend!




For more information on scheduling a session with Meghan, click here!

I can't wait to create amazing memories with you!


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