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Hiba | Purdue University Graduate Session Class of 2021

Updated: Oct 29, 2021


Purdue University, West Lafayette Indiana


What you don't see in these photos are the "in between" photo moments; the moments where the wind took Hiba's cap off, but her children graciously and lovingly smiled at her and placed it back on her head; the moments where Asma, her daughter, straightened her stoll and fixed her hair; the moments where her children ran to her and wrapped her in a hug with joy splashed on all their faces. This truly is a tight-knit family, and it was a joy to be a small part of their celebration.

Hiba has graduated from Purdue University with a degree in public health, and this photography session was a gift from her children! How sweet is that? During our session, I saw and experienced the intense pride and love that Hiba's children have for her. Every photo I took showed her kids beaming in her direction, and I loved watching every minute of it. Every time I told Hiba to look over at her kids for a photo, her face was glowing with happiness and pride. It truly was a celebration!

Hiba- I am so excited for you and for your future in public health! I know you'll do amazing things for your school system and students, and I wish you nothing but success! It was so fun getting to know you and your incredibly talented and smart family. Thank you for trusting me to document this season of your life. It was a blast to hang out with you all!

XOXO, Meghan


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