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Liyuan & Tianqi | Purdue University Wedding

Updated: Apr 2, 2021


Liyuan & Tianqi Wang


One of the things I love most about being a photographer is how many new and interesting people I get to meet every time I go out for a session! This session was no different.

Liyuan & Tianqi both are from China, but came here to West Lafayette for graduate school at Purdue University. They both began studying biology, and through their studies they met and fell in love! They couldn't wait to get married, and so they are having a courthouse wedding and celebrating with their families in China once Covid-19 is over.

Their companionship is so lovely to watch and see. The entire time we were taking photos, Tianqi would be making Liyuan laugh and I believe you can see that joy through these photos. I think what they're doing is incredibly brave- to get married overseas, and away from family, not knowing when you'll get to celebrate with them or even see them again in person. What a courageous way to start your life together!

Liyuan told me they wanted these photos to document this occasion since they weren't going to have the typical traditional wedding that they are missing out on. It was my honor to capture this sweet and beautiful couple's big day!

Liyuan & Tianqi,

From knowing you both such a short time, I know you are incredibly smart, sweet, and genuinely joyful people. It was a joy to spend time celebrating and documenting this important occasion in your life. I wish you both nothing but happiness and joy as you begin your life together, and pray you get to celebrate this new season with your families soon!

All the best to you!

XOXO, Meghan


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