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Reed Family | Elm Street Green Family Session

Updated: Oct 29, 2021


Elm Street Green, Zionsville Indiana


When Chelsea slid into my DM's and asked to do a photo swap of our families, how could I say no? Chelsea is a fellow photographer and we are both growing our businesses, so getting to hang out with her and talk shop for a while was so fun! If you're in the Indy area, check out Chelsea Reed Photography, LLC and I promise you'll love her! Also, how can you not love the sweet little smiles of her baby girl Harper and sweet husband Rusty? Get ready to view some amazing family photos!

While out on location, I found out two things about baby Harper.

1. She LOVES to wave and smile at every single person she comes in contact with, and if you're lucky enough to be that person, you can't help but smile back in your cheesiest smile and say hi to her in your highest baby talking voice. There was A LOT of baby talking in this session, and it was not all from Harper.

2. The Veggie Tales theme song makes Harper extremely happy, so you bet that song was playing throughout the session to get her attention and smiles! I mean, who doesn't love that theme song? I even began singing along!

All in all, it was such a sun-filled, beautiful evening full of baby smiles and photo-taking!

Chelsea and Rusty- I am so honored that you trusted me with these family photos that I know you'll look back on and tell Harper all about what we did to get her to smile. I hope these photos bring you joy and smiles! I sure had joy and smiles while taking them and watching your family interact together. You are a beautiful family, and I can't wait to do this again sometime!

XOXO, Meghan


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