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The Office

Talenti Cookies & Cream

Grande Latte w/Soy & Sugar Free Vanilla

Sage Green



Cape Town, South Africa

Fluffy Blankets

Wood Wick, Cinnamon Chai

Give me a malbec. 


Meghan McClellan is a Wedding Photographer located in Lafayette, Indiana
Meghan McClellan is a Family & Senior Photographer in Lafayette, Indiana
My Dogs


If you're looking for me, you'll probably find me home with a pint of ice cream on the couch cuddling my husband Sam, our daughter Caroline and our two dogs, Cody and Ellie! We're most likely watching The Office and working hard together to make our dreams a reality for our family!

Music education major, turned elementary music teacher, turned photographer, turned worship leader. Through a lot of ups and downs, successes and failures, putting down photography and picking it back up again, today it remains one of the biggest joys in my life. 

I never expected to be a photographer. I never expected to be a worship leader either. My life has turned upside down in the most beautiful and unexpected way and I thank God everyday for it. His plan has always been better than mine, and I am here for it. 


turned elementary music teacher, turned photographer, turned worship leader."


usic education major,

Need a little  MORE?!

I'm an Indiana dweller and Ohio native that dreams of one day owning on a lake house.
My husband is my very best friend, and the person I most look up to.
I love to cook, and love to try new foods.
My style consists of neutral colors and floral prints.
I've been in the wedding industry for 6 years.
I am a detail-oriented person and an Enneagram 1.
I shoot 20+ portrait sessions a year.
I may come off as an extrovert, but am actually an introvert.
I love fluffy flowers.

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