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Foster's Newborn Session | Home Session in Lafayette, IN

Updated: Mar 9, 2022


In-Home Newborn Session, Lafayette, IN


I hardly ever get the privilege of photographing newborns and their new families so when Callie reached out to me to take Foster's newborn session in their home, I jumped at the chance! Newborns are so fun to work with! Every time I do one of these sessions, I'm reminded of the photographers who do this as their full time job, and how much patience it takes to photograph these little ones! But once you're done, the reward you get with the photos is priceless. Foster's session is no different. If you're looking to get your newborn's photos done in an in-home session, here are 3 tips to help you prepare!

  1. Plan out your session when your newborn is sleepy. This makes it easier to pose and get some sweet and easy photos in before they wake up and begin moving around.

  2. Pick a big window in your home with a neutral backdrop, like a wall or neutral bed frame. This helps your newborn to "pop" in their photos instead of clutter in the background that could get distracting.

  3. Be patient. If your newborn is fussy, wait it out. Soothe them until they calm down. The soothing process can lead to great intimate photos with you and your newborn as well. The session is to document the stage you're in. Newborn fussiness is part of this stage of life, so it's ok to photograph it when it happens.

I hope these tips and tricks help as you plan out your newborn session! Enjoy photos of Foster's newborn session below!




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