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Patrik | McCutcheon High School Class of 2021

Updated: Sep 25, 2020


Downtown Lafayette, IN


I am thrilled to share with you all some of Patrik’s senior session! I’ve known Patrik since he was in middle school, and it’s been a privilege to watch him grow into the kind, talented, and creative young man he is.

Patrik is graduating from McCutcheon High School in Lafayette, Indiana and has been involved in so much! From being the section leader in the drum line for marching band to acting his heart out on the stage during the spring musicals, Patrik continues to display the incredible talent the Lord has blessed him with. However, I am the blessed one to be able to watch Patrik outside a school setting. Patrik attends my church and is such a bright spot on our worship team. Not only does he serve our congregation well by playing the drums during worship, but I’ve seen his kind and gentle spirit come out when working in the nursery, or playing with the children after services. I’ve seen his fun-spirited and energetic self motivate and inspire middle schoolers to join in a game that he created and led so well during middle school youth group. I’ve seen the joy that playing a game of dodgeball or kickball brings to his life, and once he convinces others to join in, they feel that same joy as well. It's contagious. Most importantly, I’ve seen his heart as he speaks truth to his peers during a small group setting. His heart for the Lord is infectious and shines through all he is and all he does.

Patrik, words cannot describe how blessed I’ve been to watch you flourish as a musician and leader. I am so excited about your future at Purdue University and know that you’ll be an amazing leader in college, just as you are right now. I’ll miss the youth group shenanigans with you (remember the egg toss that ended with an egg broken on your head?!) but I know that you’ll be blessing thousands of others with all the fun and laughter that you bring to any and all gatherings! God has big things in store for you, Patrik! Congratulations on your senior year!


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